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2009 (April 27) Tumby Bay Development Plan Assessment submission

2008 (Dec 11) Submission to Far North Regional Land Use Framework Strategy

2008 (Oct 28) Submission Television advertising & the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks by children (and Minister's update)

2008 (May 16) Submission to Select Committee the Proposed Sale and Redevelopment of the Glenside Hospital Site

2008 (May 5) Submission to Senate Select Committee on Regional & Remote Indigenous Communities

2005 (Aug) Submission to Overseas Qualifications Reference Group


2009 (8 July) Youth Allowance - Liz Penfold's submission

2008 (Nov 20) Submission to Education & Childhood Development Legislation Reform

2004 (Feb) TAFE Governance - Submission to TAFE Governance Project Steering Committee


2009 (Nov 4) New Zealand Conference Presentation: Coastal Protection - The removal of Coastal Land and Water Rights. Coastal Land & Water Rights Power Point Presentation

2009 (March 27) South Australia's Marine Parks Network submission

2009 (Feb 27) Draft Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Management Plan Submission (Att 1 Att 2)

2008 (Nov/Dec) Coastal Conservation Issues (Ceduna, Not in Council Area, Constituent concerns)

2006 (Sept) Submission regarding draft EP Coastal Development Strategy


2009 (May 22) UPDATE to ETSA Utilities submission (18 September 2008)

2008 (Oct 7) Infrastructure Australia submission to Federal Government - priorities for Eyre Peninsula

2008 (Sept 18) ETSA Utilities submission - The South Australian Distribution Network: Directions & Priorities Public Consultation Document

2008 (July 31) Submission to Public Works Committee -Re. Proposed Port Lincoln Fire Station

2008 (June) New Port Submission to the Premier - Liz's proposal to build a multi use purpose built Port south of Port Neill for mineral and grain export.

2006 (Feb) Submission regarding EP Rail

2006 (Jan) Submission for ferry road funding

2005 (Dec) Submission to ElectraNet SA

2005 (June) Submission to Public Works Committee - $48.5m pipeline

2004 (June) Public Access to Brennans Jetty

2002 (Dec) Wind Generation Developments on Eyre Peninsula - a report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu that looks at the economic impact analysis for possible wind generation developments on Eyre Peninsula.

2002 (April) DeCrespigny Report - Submission to Chairman of the Economic Development Committee outlining the potential of Eyre Peninsula to the State.


2009 (12 Aug) Public Consultation on the Mining (Miscellaneous) Amendment bill - Liz Penfold's submission

2009 (6 Aug) EIS into BHP expansion - Liz Penfold's submission.


2004 (Mar) Exchange Rates - View Liz's submission letter to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia about the current Australian exchange rate.

2003 (Aug) Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement - Submission to the Federal Minister for Trade Mark Vaile and his response to Liz's submission.


2008 (June 26) Submission to National Aviation Policy Statement Issues

2008 (May 13) Submission to Select Committee on the impact of peak oil to South Australia

2006 (Sept) Auslink Perth-Adelaide Corridor Strategy - Submission to the strategy.
Link to draft corridor strategy

2003 (April) Federal Inquiry into Commercial Regional Aviation Services in Australia -Submission to the aviation inquiry and Liz also gave evidence at the hearing in Adelaide.


2003 (Jan) Hard Rock Trail - Submission to Tourism Eyre Peninsula. Following the success of Tourism Eyre Peninsula's Seafood & Aquaculture Trail Liz believes there is a market for tourists interested in geology throughout the State but particularly on Eyre Peninsula.


2009 (23 Oct) Submission Eyre Peninsula Desalination

2009 (4 Sept) Submission to Select Committee on SA Water (Att 1 Att 2 Att 3 Att 4 Att 5)

2008 (Aug) Submission to SA Water’s Draft Long Term Plan for Eyre Region

2007 (Feb 19) Submission to National Water Initiative (Att 1-5, att 6, att 7, att 8, att 9, att 10, att 11, att 12)

2006 (Feb) Submission regarding SA Water

Travel reports:

2009 (Nov) Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference New Zealand (Report Ref No 29/09) - Liz travelled to New Zealand representing the South Australian Parliament. She gave a paper - Coastal Protection - The removal of coastal land and water rights.

2007 (Aug) Hong Kong/Cruise Ship Conference - Liz travelled to Hong Kong, Kowloon and Taipei to develop knowledge, establish business contacts, view infrastructure and assess opportunities for trade and tourism for Eyre Peninsula Harbours. She attended the "Cruise Down Under" Conference in Darwin to promote the diverse experiences and opportunities for tourists visiting the Eyre Peninsula.

2006 (July) Perth/Esperance - Liz met with representatives from Iluka Resources Ltd to look at their operations at Bunbury. She also inspected Esperance Port facilities.

2004 (Apr) King Island/Tasmania Report - Liz investigated the potential to combine power and desalination and viewed wind farm facilities in King Island and Tasmania that could be used on Eyre Peninsula. Report to Parliament attached.

2002 (Oct) Spain Travel Report - Liz attended the 3rd World Congress of Rural Women in Madrid, Spain 4-8 October 2002. Report to Parliament attached.

2003 (Jan) India Travel Report - Liz travelled to India January 2003 looking at wind power and desalination opportunities for Eyre Peninsula and other trade possibilities. Report to Parliament attached.

2003 (July) Melbourne Travel Report - Liz attended the City and the Bush Conference in July 2003 in Melbourne and also undertook a study tour of AWB's head office. Report to Parliament attached.

Electorate newsletters & news:

2009 (Feb) Flinders Electorate Report (note PDF File >2MB)

2010 (Jan) Flinders Electorate Report - FINAL