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I believe that the Flinders Electorate is one of the most diverse electorates in South Australia. The potential of new industries are amazing.

In 1973 Port Lincoln Tuna Processors began to provide a facility for local fisherman to process, freeze and export their locally caught Bluefin Tuna.

In 1980 the company decided to diversify into canning tuna in a 425g can which was shortly followed by the 185g can. Product innovations and technological advancements has ensured the highest product quality and safety. This evolution has resulted in Port Lincoln Tuna Processors becoming the only remaining cannery in Australian and hence the manufacture of the two leading tuna brands – Heinz and John West.

Did you know that Port Lincoln Tuna Processors Managing Director, Lindsay Guillot invented the popular “Tuna Tempters” range and that they manufacture this product at their premises in Port Lincoln?

For more information contact:
Port Lincoln Tuna Processors
Phone: (08) 8682 1255
Email: info@pltp.com.au
Website: www.pltp.com.au

Annaleey Crafts can supply any customised rubber stamps and company seals including business names, ABN, logo’s etc.

Annaleey Crafts is a family owned business operating from Yeelanna on Lower Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Annaleey Crafts sell (wholesale and retail) a wide range of rubber stamps and accessories.

Visit their website to order a stamp catalogue or to view the stamp specials and various designs.
Annaleey Crafts currently sell their stamps and accessories across Australia and also export to England, New Zealand, China, Finland, Norway and Hong Kong.

Pictured above from left are proprietors Susan Hutton, Belinda Wise and Jane Smith. In the background you can see the wide range of products available

For more information contact Annaleey Crafts:
Phone: (08) 8676 5026
Int: +61 8 8676 5026
Website: www.annaleeycrafts.com.au
Email: stamps@annaleeycrafts.com.au
Shark Cartilage is produced locally on Eyre Peninsula in Port Lincoln and Penong. The Cartilage is sold in pharmacies and health food stores across Australia with ongoing development to the export markets of Asia. The Cartilage is sold in forms of powder, creams and ointments which are used for the relief of arthritis.
For more information about the products contact:
Andresen Fisheries Pty Ltd – Shark Cartilage Powder Ocean Care
Email: andresen@centralonline.com.au
Phone: (08) 8683 4644
Int: +61 8 8683 4644
South Australian Shark Cartilage Pty Ltd
Email: oceanclean@bigpond.com
Phone: (08) 8682 5696
Int: +61 8 8682 5696 Cactus Coast Shark Cartilage
Specialising in shark cartilage powder
Website: www.cactuscoastshark.com
Phone: (08) 8625 1121
Int: +61 8 8625 1121

Brian Tansell mines opals from the Andamooka mines in Central South Australia. Brian then turns the opals he finds into lovely pieces of jewellery which he sells in Port Lincoln and across Australia.

For more information contact
Brian Tansell
86 New West Road
Phone: (08) 8682 2593
Int: +61 8 8682 2593
Oztren Industries Pty.Ltd. Trading as “The Gold Factory” is the Worlds only producer of the unique Oce’Aura Ocean Gold Collection jewellery range created with an Ocean Marine theme that started with the Sea-horse and evolving into many designs from Great White Shark Teeth to small Sea Urchins and Abalone. Oce’Aura is Latin for Ocean Gold and means the Oceans Golden Lights. “The Gold Factory” is operated by two brother’s Micheal and Dale Trenberth who live in Tumby Bay on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Being surrounded by the natural beauty of the sea, the jewellery collection is a reflection of this theme. The sea-horse is a symbol for Family and Prosperity in many cultures and when worn as a personal adornment, enhances the natural vibrancy and individual appeal of any person who wears these exclusive 100% Australian Made ocean designs.

Jewellery pieces are created using solid 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rhodium Plated white gold accentuated with Diamonds or Gems. All parts of the production techniques are performed in the Factory from Molding, Casting, Setting, Polishing and Finishing. These processes can be viewed by calling the factory to enquire about the current Tour Times and making a booking for a unique Tour Experience.

The Gold Factory can be contacted for all Custom Design and Casting Requirements, with all products being made in Wax before being cast in gold. Considerable interest has been shown in these products from Japan, Dubai and the United States. Endorsements have been received in the form of government grants through Austrade and assistance from the SA Museum, SA Sea Horse Farm, Marine Science centre, Aquaculture Programs and the MLSSA.

For more information contact:
Phone: +61 8 8688 2631
Fax: +61 8 8688 2397
Website: www.thegoldfactory.com.au
Email: oztren@thegoldfactory.com.au

Cummins Milling Co manufactures high quality stockfeed and nutrition supplements for all species of livestock and land based aquaculture. Product is manufactured to set nutritional analysis or matched to customers required analysis for some selected situations. Cummins Milling Co is an Eyre Peninsula business that buys over 90% of its raw product from Eyre Peninsula based producers and is geared to support Eyre Peninsula farmers and suppliers.

For more information contact:
Cummins Milling Co.
PO Box 34
Phone: (08) 8676 2047
Int: +61 8 8676 2047
SAMPI have developed Tuna Emulsion Solute- an organic natural plant feed from tuna waste. The solute is to be diluted with water and is suitable for all plants, trees, vegetables and lawns. For more information go to www.sampi.com.au
Pictured: a container load of SAMPI tuna emulsion being loaded for export to Asia.

Former Port Lincoln man Jason Milanovic is becoming a prominent artist with his unusual and intriguing sculptures. You can see some of his work on the Whistling in the wind Sculptures on the cliffs at Elliston, SA.

The pictured sculpture (right) was situated on the cliffs of Elliston before relocating to Liz's garden!

Jason can be contacted at milomadness@yahoo.com.au