Liz Penfold is encouraging new migrants to take up work opportunities or to start new businesses on Eyre Peninsula.

Many families from overseas have migrated to our region and are now working in areas such as fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and horticulture to name a few.

Recently 3 diesel mechanic positions have been filled by qualified workers from Zimbabwe who have brought their families to live in the smaller towns on Eyre Peninsula.
Cleve is facing shortages of registered nurses, qualified farm machinery mechanics and road train driver positions which aren't being filled by existing Australian citizens.

Applicants wishing to migrate to Australia are encouraged to provide their occupational and personal data for inclusion in the Department of Immigration’s Skill Matching Database.
The complete database can be only accessed directly by the Eyre Regional Development Board in Port Lincoln to assist Eyre Peninsula’s employers identify and nominate potential employees.

The Australian Government has a number of initiatives to encourage and assist skilled migrants to settle away from the main metropolitan areas, read below for the programs that are offered:
*Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
For regional employers to nominate overseas workers for migration when suitable skilled personnel are not available.
*Nominated Independent Scheme
To sponsor migrants willing to settle in areas where their skills are in demand. The South Australian Government is currently using this scheme.
*Skill Matching
For matching skilled migrants with Australian-standard qualifications with identified skill shortages through a database containing the educational, occupational and personal details of some 4,000 people. It is updated monthly and distributed to state and territory governments and to a network of regional development authorities.
* Family Sponsored Skilled Migration
For close relatives to be sponsored for migration to all parts of Australia except the cities of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Perth and Brisbane.
* Regional Established Business
For people temporary in Australia on Business (long stay) visas to apply for permanent residence if they have successfully established a business in a designated area of Australia.
* New Business Migrant
Arrangements provide an initial four-year temporary residence visa with access to permanent residence after proven success in establishing a business. State and Territory governments may use sponsorship to attract business migrants under their regional development plans.
Skilled people who wish to live and work temporarily in Australia are also encouraged to bring their work skills to a regional area through a number of initiatives as below:
* Special Sponsorship Arrangements
Are in place to provide doctors and nurses in rural areas when qualified Australian residents are not available.
* Overseas Students
Are being encouraged to study and eventually settle in regional Australia as a result of recent adjustments to the bonus points scheme. Extra points towards a visa grant are to be available on completion of their qualifications
* Educational Visas
Allow research institutions and education organisations to fill academic. Teaching and research positions unable to be filled form the Australian labour market.
* Entertainment, Sports, Film and Media
People have access to a social and cultural stream of visas for temporary residence in Australia.
* Occupational Trainee Visas
Allow temporary entry for workplace-based training that will upgrade existing skills to be readily useable on return to the home country.
In addition, new arrangements for business migrants were announced in the may 2003 Budget. Business migrants will now receive a four-year temporary residence visa, with access to permanent residence after proven success in establishing a business. State and Territory governments may now sponsor business migrants.

Through the eBusiness initiative, most of the advice required and the application process can be actioned online by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMA). It complements the services provided by DIMA’s Business Centres in each capital city.

If you are interested in these programs more information can be obtained by contacting:


Vance Thomas
Immigration Officer
Eyre Regional Development Board
Phone: (08) 8682 6588
Immigration SA
Office of Economic Development
Phone: (08) 8303 2252

Port Lincoln Multicultural Council
Mr Duncan Fowler - President
PO Box 1541