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Horticulture & Viticulture

With the provision of adequate water, horticulture has the potential to be a huge industry on Eyre Peninsula particularly on the excellent Terra Rosa soils that are found across the region.

Horticulture represents almost 1/3 of the State's agricultural production, contributing $2.7 billion to South Australia's economy.


Olives thrive across the Eyre Peninsula region as they are most suited to the climatic weather conditions associated with our Mediterranean climate.

The oil is extracted from the olives by being pressed. Uses of the oil include cooking and it can be used in soap’s and shampoo’s after being pressed the waste can be used as mulch and stock feed.

The Eyre Peninsula Olive Growers Association involves and assists olive growers across our region who are dedicated to make olives a major industry on Eyre Peninsula. Peter Green is a member of the Association and has established an olive press on his property with the possibility of the oil to be sold in local stores.
Peter said “Growers will keep some (olive oil) to sell on their own, but it is possible in the future we might export to Japan and we’ve had enquiries from the Philippines and Western Australia”.

Brian Milner owns Windy Hill Olives located at Lipson and commercially sells his olives which are grown and processed on his property on Eyre Peninsula. Windy Hill olives are available in a variety of local stores across Eyre Peninsula.

For more information on potential olive exports and products contact:

Wind Hill Olives – Home of the Lipson Olive
PO Box 178
Phone: (08) 8688 4211 Colin Freeman
Eyre Regional Development Board
Website: www.erdb.org.au
Phone: (08) 8682 6588
Eyre Peninsula Olive Growers Association
Chairman – Kevin Burner 0408 759 22


Grown locally at Tumby Bay, quandong’s (also know as wild peach) are an unusual fruit which thrives in the conditions on Eyre Peninsula. This diverse fruit can be made into chutney, jam, dried fruit, preserve and sauce.

Pictured above are quandongs in season, this photo was taken from the Shoalmarra website as listed above.

For more information about this unique product contact:
Owner and Manager
Ben McNamara
Phone/Fax: (08) 8688 2700
Email: shoalmarra@ozemail.com.au
Website: www.shoalmarra.com.au
Eyre Peninsula has a growing wine industry with 4 established vineyards. South Australia is the largest producing state for wine in Australia.
Boston Bay Wines was established in 1984 and produces cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, Riesling and chardonnay. Boston Bay wines produce around 50 tonnes of grapes on their 7 hectare property depending on the weather conditions during fruit set and ripening.

For more information contact:
Boston Bay Wines
Lincoln Highway, Port Lincoln
Phone: (08) 8684 3600
Website: www.bostonbaywines.com.au
Anna’s Vineyard is quite unique in the fact that all the grapes are organically grown with no chemicals on their premises on Proper Bay Road in Port Lincoln resulting in a beautifully mild tasting Shiraz. Organic herbicides used include camomile tea, powdered milk, marigolds, clover, garlic, basil as well as mulch and organic compost which all contribute to a healthy chemical free shiraz.
Anna’s Vineyard was voted Top New Release by the prestigious Wine State Magazine for their first ever vintage.
For more information and to purchase the award winning Shiraz contact: Stehr Group
Phone: (08) 8682 2922
Email: stehr@stehrgroup.net

The vineyard at Glen Forest Tourist Park was established in 1997. The vineyard has been through many stages of expansion and at present the vineyard produces varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot and shiraz on 60 acres of land.
In December 2004 the 2003 Bluefin Merlot, 2003 Greenlip Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2003 Blacklip Shiraz were released.

Cellar doors and wine trades will be developed in the near future.
For more information contact:
Glen-Forest Tourist Park and Vineyard
Phone/Fax: (08) 8683 4034
Email: info@lincolnestate.com.au
Website: www.lincolnestate.com.au

Pictured above is a view of the vines from Glen Forest Tourist Park


Delacolline Estate
Lake View Ave. , Port Lincoln, SA 5606
Phone: (08) 8682 4571
Fax: (08) 8683 4195
E-mail: ifletch1@bigpond.net.au