Eyre Peninsula
The Flinders Electorate covers the majority of Eyre Peninsula, to the Western Australian border, situated in the west of South Australia.
Flinders electorate has a population of approximately 33,000 and covers an area of about 55,000 square kilometres including 2,565 kilometres of coastline. The region is roughly equivalent to the size of Tasmania. Click here for Electorate boundaries.

There are 8 local Government areas and 1 Outback Area. The Eyre Regional Development Board has been established for the economic development of the region.

Visit the www.erdb.org.au website.

There are 70 educational institutions including childcare, kindergartens, schools, TAFE and a university.

8 hospitals and numerous nursing homes and hostels.

15 police stations, 1 prison.

2 commercial ports, Thevenard and Port Lincoln. 17 jetties and numerous boat ramps. Port Lincoln is the largest natural deep water harbour in Australia. In 2004, Port Lincoln was the 3rd busiest port in the state with 131 vessels and 1,877 million tonnes of cargo and the port of Thevenard was the 4th, with 96 vessels calling and 1,680 million tonnes of product being exported.

The region’s three major industries are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Key growth sections are aquaculture, alternative agriculture/horticulture and ecotourism. Recent aerial geo-surveys indicate mining is an industry with significant potential.

78 conservation & national parks and 1 marine park.

Eyre Peninsula produces 30-40% of South Australia’s grain harvest, 65% of the seafood harvest and 6% of South Australia’s livestock. 75% of Australia’s gypsum is mined at Penong and exported through Thevenard port. 90% of the world’s supply of black jade is mined at Cowell.
This enormous production is achieved with only 2.3% of South Australia’s population.

Eyre Peninsula is one of the worlds best wind power sites with 120 megawatts already built and more planned.

416,000 over night visitors spend an estimated $164 million on Eyre Peninsula a year.
Visit the http://www.southaustralia.com/TourismEyrePeninsula.aspx website.